Backup and Disaster Recovery

Imagine that you arrive at the office first thing on Monday morning. This is a critical week in the life of the business. You're about to close a deal with a major new client. You walk in and your stomach drops. The office has been ransacked. Your computer equipment, including servers and data storage, is gone. You've been robbed!!

What will you do in the next five minutes? If you don't know, you have a problem.

The ability to recover files and systems in the event of a major loss or disruption should be at the forefront of all business owners and managers. You should be thinking worst possible case scenario and preparing for that.

PC Quest have a long track record of working with clients to establish successful, robust and reliable recovery solutions to protect the business in the event of data loss.

Our primary strategies include:

  • Proven Backup Methodologies which include both onsite and offsite/online solutions running concurrently.
  • Consulting advice to formulate practical Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.
  • Disaster Recovery testing. If you don't test it, you can't know if your strategy will work when you really need it?